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Los Angeles CITY extends Local Emergency to January 8, 2023

Los Angeles City eviction moratorium is extended through January 8, 2023, and then it will be considered for further extension on a month-to-month basis.  The Los Angeles Housing Department (“LAHD”) website[1], under the tenant protections information page, goes on to say: “The City of Los Angeles ordinance protects tenants that have unpaid rent due to COVID-19 up to 12 months following the end of the Declaration of Local Emergency, or until May 1, 2023, whichever date comes first.”

However, the website tenant COVID-19 renter protections FAQ states that Tenants will have up to 12 months following the expiration of the local emergency to repay any back rent due.  This does not correlate with other statements by LAHD (or its predecessor).  This implies that tenants would have until January 8, 2024, in order to pay back rent, longer than other state and county eviction moratoriums.

Still no rent increases for LA CITY RSO Units

Because the local emergency is extended to January 8, 2023, this results in four (4) long years of lost rent increases.

Los Angeles COUNTY Eviction Moratorium set to expire January 31, 2022

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors confirmed the County’s eviction moratorium is set to expire January 31, 2022, which will likely continue with certain ‘unnecessary’ provision phased out.

Gov. Newsom vetoed a one-sided legal aid funding bill

On October 8, 2021, Governor Newsom vetoed the Homelessness Prevention Fund law.  This law would have provided more free legal aid to tenants for evictions and to file complaints against their landlords.  Additionally, it would have provided funds to send people out to neighborhoods under 80% of the median income to advise tenants of eviction defenses, tenant rights regarding habitability, and landlord responsibilities.

Tenant Buyouts are becoming popular/necessary

With all of the restrictions placed on landlords in Los Angeles, from eviction moratoriums, rent increase freezes, and new litigation of anti-tenant harassment laws, landlords are often left buying out tenants.  Buyouts are also popular for SFRs, in which tenants cannot be served 60-day notices because of local eviction moratoriums.


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[1] https://housing.lacity.org/