Internal Investigations

Epps & Coulson, LLP counsels business entities, non-profits, educational, organizations boards of directors and executives regarding claims of wrongdoing.  Part of that includes internal investigations and audits, as needed.  Epps & Coulson’s skilled attorneys work with clients to determine whether an investigation is warranted and if so, the logistics, scope, duration and level of detail.  The Firm guides clients on actions to take while the investigation proceeds and we advise on consequences of the investigation results, how to mitigate damages or potential damages, and acts to take based on the result.

Our legal services include measures to take in order to preserve the attorney-client confidentiality of all aspects of the investigation, or, if necessary or warranted, to whom to give or report the results of the investigation, and additional training to address the deficiencies found by the investigation.  If the matter involves harassment, illegal or unethical activity, or some other matter that could create liability for the client, the Firm provides resolutions, including, for instance development of new policies, practices and procesures, or counseling, either directly or accessed via online services.

Epps & Coulson’s and its affiliate’s skilled attorneys work with clients to flesh out the facts and to resolve the matters in a way that meets client goals and legal obligations.  Attorneys at Epps & Coulson consult with clients on everyday strategic business matters all the way to ones that jeopardize a company.

When necessary, the Firm’s litigators will protect the client’s rights and interests through litigation, always driven by client business goals.  They have successfully represented clients across industries and regions and of every size in a wide range of litigation and regulatory matters.  The Firm’s attorneys also focus on practical solutions to conflicts, including before, during and after litigation.  And, forums include not just state and federal courts and dispute resolution providers, but also governmental regulatory agencies.