Entertainment, Arts & Media

Epps & Coulson’s Entertainment attorneys provide results-oriented counseling to internet, digital media, software, photography, film, studio, production and distribution companies and other new media, entertainment and technology entity and individual clients, including actors, producers, directors, writers, and authors.

The practice team, including the Firm’s affiliates, helps its clients in core areas such as contracts negotiation and drafting, acquisition, intellectual property, financing, rights clearance, licensing, distribution and enforcement of client rights, including through intentional, strategic, aggressive litigation.

For Film, Infomercial and Television clients, our lawyers and affiliates advise on every aspect of the operational services, from production and talent acquisition to financing and distribution. The Firm’s attorneys also help clients navigate the challenges involved with content creation, production design, graphics and animation, music and scoring.

For Media and Publishing clients, the Firm’s attorneys and affiliates are committed to forming and maintaining long-standing client relationships with authors, photographers and illustrators.  Epps & Coulson’s skilled attorneys and affiliates provide business and legal advice on literary representation and contract, collaboration arrangements, national and international publishing, PR, advertisement, including website development, and merchandising.

For all of the Firm’s entertainment clients, Epps & Coulson’s skilled attorneys assist in corporate formation, choice of jurisdiction, capital requirements, financing structure, organization, equity and debt, reorganization and exit strategies.

We have prepared marketing, distribution, license, terms of use, work-for hire, co-production and authorship agreements for clients in myriad of entertainment disciplines.  And our legal services include business transactions from the routine to complex matters, including contracts in operations, employment, intellectual property, loans and finance, investing and mergers and acquisitions.

Attorneys at Epps & Coulson consult with clients on everyday strategic business matters all the way to ones that jeopardize a deal or the business.  When necessary, the Firm’s litigators will aggressively litigate and are therein driven by client business goals.  They have successfully represented clients across a broad array of entertainment disciplines and in regions across the country and of every business size.  The Firm’s attorneys also focus on business solutions to conflicts, including before, during and after litigation.  And, forums include not just state and federal courts and dispute resolution providers, but also bankruptcy courts.




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