WHEW! California Mask Mandates For Indoors End

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WHEW!  California Mask Mandates For Indoors End

Yea! It’s a start.  California’s indoor mask mandate ended and as of today, vaccinated persons do not have to wear masks indoors.  For the unvaccinated, you must still mask-up.  And for anyone in nursing homes, hospitals, and on/in public transportation, you must still mask-up.  Public schools also continue to require everyone to mask-up, whether vaccinated or not.

Beware:  California’s ending of masking requirements still allows counties and cities to keep mask mandates and LA County announced it will continue the mask mandates until certain metrics are met for lower hospitalizations and case counts.  People in other counties without mask mandates no longer have to mask-up indoors.  And the state’s lifting of the mandate does not affect mask requirements by private businesses.

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