Business Owners and Employers: Does Your Company Have an Emergency Handbook? It Should.

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Business Owners and Employers:
Does Your Company Have an Emergency Handbook?  It Should.

Are you an employer or business owner?  Does your company have an emergency plan?  An Emergency Handbook?  It should.  Emergencies, disasters, and injuries can occur at any time and without warning.  Combine this with the fact that you and your employees spend a large amount of your time at the workplace, and thus, being prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to handle emergencies becomes an individual, as well as organizational responsibility.  Your company should have established emergency procedures to follow so that the effects of those emergencies can be minimized.  Your and your employees’ safety must be a primary concern.  Your policies and protocols for emergency events should include:

  •      •Fire
  •      •Earthquake
  •      •Evacuation
  •      •Bomb Threat
  •      •Power Failure
  •      •Storm
  •      •Medical Emergency
  •      •Active Shooter Threats
  •      •Terrorism
  •      •Biological, Chemical, Radiological Threat
  •      •Server Failure
  •      •Evacuation – Remote Working Arrangements
  •      •Suspected Virus/Hacking Incident
  •      •Pandemic/State or National Emergency/Quarantine


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