Employers in LA County: Government Guide (read that – “Order”) for Reopening Businesses

Employers in LA County: 

Government Guide (read that – “Order”) for Reopening Businesses

Effective May 6th, Los Angeles County hit the YELLOW tier.  Employers now have an updated order from the county Department of Public Health to use when reopening (or continuing to work in) office worksites: “Reopening Safer at Work and in the Community for Control of COVID-19.”  Employers should post at the entrance the business’s COVID safety protocols.

In addition, all office worksites must post and comply with updated occupancy limitations, frequency cleaning protocols, entry screening protocols, etc. (see “Appendix D” – starting at the bottom of page 4[1]).  There are different protocols for gyms, restaurants, bars, private meetings/conferences, schools, etc., all which receive a separate directive of how to open safely.[2]

For office workplaces:

  • Vaccination Status: employers can require employees to be vaccinated. The new orders confirm that employers can request proof of vaccination for employees who are working in the office. Under the orders, fully vaccinated workplaces can have a greater occupancy and can loosen distancing requirements as compared to those workplaces where not everyone is vaccinated.
  • Continuing Safety Protocols: These guidelines apply regardless of whether all employees are vaccinated.
    • Remote Work: Employers obviously can still have employees work remotely and conduct virtual meetings.
    • Business Travel: Non-essential business travel out of state is still not recommended.
    • Screening: Daily screening of employees is required.  Temperature taking is encouraged, but can be done by the employee, whether directly or through newly developed temperature sensors, phone apps or other method.
    • Workplace COVID Exposure:  All quarantine and isolation requirements, as well as notification procedures remain in effect for any workplace exposure.
    • Masks:  Masks are still required unless the person is working in a private office with a closed door.  Employees should be instructed to wash their cloth masks after each use or replace their disposable face masks daily.
    • Sanitation:  Regular sanitation and cleaning requirements remain, including frequent hand-washing and disinfecting remain in effect.

Protocols change frequently, especially with the accelerated COVID vaccinations.  We’ll keep you updated as matters progress, but feel free to contact us with questions.

[1] http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_OfficeBasedWorksites.pdf

[2] http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/reopening-la.htm#worksites


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